Traumatic brain injury and depression

Some studies show that depression may be a symptom of traumatic brain injury. According to some medical experts, people in Florida and across the nation who have experienced a TBI might be two to five times more likely to develop depression than the general population. While depression that results from TBI can be treated with […]

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PTSD and brain injury difficult to distinguish in patients

Many Florida patients who have been involved in an accident are diagnosed with a mild traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder. However, the symptoms of PTSD and a TBI are very similar, and there could be a lot of people who have been affected by both of the conditions simultaneously. Some of the overlapping […]

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Scientists seek way to diagnose CTE in living patients

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans will likely know that the NFL has come under fire recently for failing to take adequate steps to protect its players from the consequences of repeated head trauma. Contact sports like boxing and football have been linked with the neurological disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy, but the degenerative condition is frustrating for […]

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Fisherman rescues passengers from sinking charter boat

A recent news story of an near disaster that took place on the Chesapeake Bay has legal implications for admiralty law in Florida.

The passengers of the motor vessel Karen N were wearing life jackets and sitting on the sunken boat’s canopy when a commercial fisherman picked them up and brought them safety on the eastern […]

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Teen drivers at additional risk during summer months

Attractions like Disney World make Florida one of the country’s most popular vacation destinations, but all of that additional traffic makes driving in the Sunshine State particularly dangerous during the summer months. According to the AAA, more people die on the nation’s roads in the 100 days following the Memorial Day weekend than at any […]

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Road Ranger hurt in four-vehicle accident

A two-vehicle crash on May 26 in Tampa became more complicated when a utility truck hit the Road Ranger vehicle that responded to the initial crash. The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash that took place at about 7 a.m. in the southbound lanes of the Howard Frankland Bridge.

A collision between a Chevy car […]

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