Mild traumatic brain injuries may encourage Alzheimer’s disease

Many Florida residents suffer from concussions each year. A link has now been found in people who are at risk of Alzheimer’s disease between suffering concussions and developing the disease.

Researchers at the Boston University School of Medicine studied 160 veterans who ranged in age from 19 to 58. Many of the subjects had been diagnosed […]

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Boating accidents and traumatic brain injury

Americans mourned when they learned Jose Fernandez, the Miami Marlins pitcher, died in a September boating accident. Fernandez’s boat traveled at high speeds when it hit rocks as it came into a channel near a Miami port. He died as a result of the impact from the collision.

As a resident of Tampa, you are probably […]

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Understanding a traumatic brain injury

Many Florida residents know the seriousness of a traumatic brain injury. It commonly happens to people who suffer a severe blow to their head while playing contact sports. People can also suffer a traumatic brain injury if their head smashes into a windshield during a car wreck, from being impaled with a sharp object to […]

Brain injuries among domestic violence victims often undetected

Across Florida and the rest of the U.S., approximately 25 percent of women and 14 percent of men have been physically assaulted by their partners. These attacks often include blows to the head that can lead to traumatic brain injuries. Memory loss, confusion, headaches and difficulty concentrating can arise among victims of TBIs. New research […]

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FDA approves marketing of head injury assessment tests

On Aug. 22, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced that two computerized devices used to assess a patient’s cognitive function following a brain injury have been approved for marketing in Florida and nationwide. In a press release, the agency said the devices are intended to help doctors evaluate the signs and symptoms of concussions […]

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TBI and PTSD in Florida

A study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Neurotrauma found that even a mild traumatic brain injury may increase the risk of PTSD. According to the study, 27 percent of patients who had a mild TBI tested positive for PTSD during screenings six months after their injuries. The research was conducted by a group that included […]

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Paraplegics may see progress with technology

Some Florida residents who became paralyzed after an accident may be interested to learn that some patients who have been paralyzed for more than 10 years are beginning to regain some control in their muscles. The individuals saw the progress after training on brain-machine interfaces for more than one year.

Approximately 280,000 people in the U.S. […]

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Insurers may not cover brain injuries caused by sport accidents

Florida residents who play contact sports or have children who play contact sports such as football may be interested to learn that brain injuries caused by sport accidents are becoming an increasing liability for many U.S. insurers. In fact, many insurers are drafting exclusion clauses to protect themselves from complications that could arise well after […]

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Effects of concussions could be long-term

Athletes in Florida face the risk of concussions during play. Physicians have traditionally considered this type of brain trauma to be a short-term injury, but a study has shown long-term impacts. Researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto compared MRI results between student athletes that had experienced a concussion and those who had not. Data […]

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Enzyme inhibitor may provide treatment option for TBIs

Florida residents may not be aware that traumatic brain injuries are the leading cause of disability and death for Americans under the age of 45. As many as 5 million people in the United States struggle daily with chronic disabilities caused by a severe head trauma, and the annual cost of caring for them is […]

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