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Volkswagen Recall

“Truth in engineering.” This is the Audi company slogan. Unfortunately, multiple models of Volkswagen cars, the Audi A3 and Porsche Cayenne are alleged to have been engineered by those companies to deceive and defraud the public and federal government. The companies advertised these vehicles as more fuel efficient, more environmentally friendly and more powerful than gasoline powered cars. However, federal investigations indicate that for over six years VW intentionally manufactured its vehicles with a “defeat device” that could detect when a car was undergoing official emissions testing causing it to run “cleaner” for the test. However, as revealed recently by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency those same “rigged” cars emit pollutants at levels 40 times the legal limit when not being tested.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Justice and the California Air Resources Board released their accusations of fraud against Volkswagen Group of America on September 18, 2015, bringing the reign of one of the largest and most popular brand of cars in the U.S. to a screeching halt. According to the allegations, Volkswagen knowingly installed what the EPA has dubbed “Defeat Devices” in 482,000 diesel cars sold in the United States.

These devices were meant to dupe U.S. regulators by emitting less pollution during emissions testing than during regular day-to-day driving. The findings show that the cars emitted up to 40 times the amount of pollution legally permitted by the Clean Air Act.

This forced Volkswagen to initiate a recall of the vehicles to disable the devices in order to ensure the diesel emissions systems are brought into compliance with national emissions standards. VW has told its dealers and any used dealer with their cars in its stock that they cannot sell the 4-cylinder diesel version of the cars affected until a solution is available.

VW has admitted that the “Defeat Devices” affect 11 million vehicles worldwide and the cost to address the problem would exceed more than $7 billion to fix.

The recall process is not expected to start until January 2016 after German authorities approve the company’s plans for a fix to the cars, and the process will begin with vehicles in Germany. According to some experts, the recall will not begin in the U.S. until at least January 2017.

Affected Volkswagen Models

Vehicles named in the investigation include:

Audi A3 (model years 2010 – 2015)
Audi A6 Quattro (model year 2016)
Audi A7 Quattro (model year 2016)
Audi A8 (model year 2016)
Audi A8L (model year 2016)
Audi Q5 (model year 2016)
Beetle (model years 2012 – 2015)
Beetle Convertible (model years 2012 – 2015)
Golf (model years 2010 – 2015)
Golf SportWagen (model year 2015)
Jetta (model years 2009 – 2015)
Jetta SportWagen (model years 2009 – 2014)
Passat (model years 2012 – 2015)
Porsche Cayenne (model year 2015)
Touareg (model year 2014)