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Negligent Security $2,250,000

AA was shot while walking through his apartment complex, suffering a mild brain injury. Through extensive discovery it was found that the apartment complex had a long history of violent crime occurring on their property, numbering into the hundreds over a three-year period. Through depositions of the corporate managers it was discovered that the management company and property owner had no policies or procedures in place to stop violent criminals from entering the complex. Lighting was poor, perimeter fences were down, and loitering in the rear of the complex was known and permitted. The companies disavowed any responsibility to address these issues.

After obtaining this information, experts were hired in the fields of property management, criminology, incident risk assessment and foreseeability to establish how the property manager and owners failed to take reasonable steps to recognize and eliminate the opportunity they provided for dangerous attacks to occur on their property. As a result, AA realized a $2,250,000 recovery that will help support him and provide for his needs as he recovers from his injuries.