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Motorcycle Accident $1,300,000

“OL” a lifelong resident of Hernando County, has a passion for motorcycles. He not only loves to ride, but has worked for years as a fabricator in various motorcycle shops. OL was referred to our firm following a severe motorcycle accident, caused by a careless driver violating his right of way. Despite significant injuries to his wrist, a partial amputation of a finger tip, a back injury, and recurring headaches, the insurance company chose to blame OL for the accident. The insurance comanay denied the claim and made no offers prior to the file being referred to BTG.

When BTG undertook representation, OL’s physicians were focused on his significant orthopedic injuries, which resulted in a wrist surgery and minimally invasive lower back surgery. However, early in his medical care, OL had reported head trauma and recurring headaches. Unfortunately, the emergency room CT Scan and subsequent brain MRI were both read as “normal.” Despite this, OL continued to complain of hallmark symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

As a result, Mr. Barnes contacted a local radiologist and neurologist, specializing in brain imaging and requested that the films be reviewed and the software data analyzed to determine if additional imaging not included in the report was available. Fortunately, additional imaging was available, and the expert was able to successfully create a brain map, which demonstrated acute brain injury and could explain OL’s headaches and memory issues.

In preparation for mediation, Mr. Barnes also contacted a medical illustrator, with whom the firm regularly works, to convert the brain imaging to three-dimensional imaging, providing a powerful “real world” picture of OL’s brain injury. BTG also retained a certified expert to create a life care plan for the client, which demonstrated to the defense the significant cost of OL’s future care. Faced with a quickly approaching trial date, an overwhelming body of evidence, and excellent supporting experts, the insurance carrier chose to tender its full limits of $1.3 million. BTG was able to resolve the claim within 10 months of the referral, providing OL resources to obtain medical insurance and a new home which could accommodate his post-accident needs.