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Motorcycle Accident $3,900,000

A.T. was completing his senior year in high school and ROTC training in preparation of realizing his life long dream of beginning a career in the United States Marine Corps. Unfortunately, that childhood dream would not be realized when a careless driver pulled in front of A.T. while riding his motorcycle home from Marine Corps training, rendering him significantly brain injured. In a moment of carelessness, A.T. went from aspirations of being a protector of our nation’s freedoms to becoming one of its most vulnerable citizens. In their greatest moment of need, A.T. and his mother, now his primary caregiver, sought to partner with Mr. Barnes on referral from their family attorney, to hold the at fault driver and his insurance companies accountable.

Although the other driver’s insurance coverage totaled $150,000 and his insurance companies claimed to have “tendered” that money to A.T. prior to Mr. Barnes’ representation, Mr. Barnes was able to establish the insurance companies’ claims practice was conducted in bad faith and he successfully defeated the insurance companies’ allegations that A.T. was speeding at the time of the accident, was not properly licensed to operate a motorcycle and had consumed alcoholic beverages just prior to the accident.

Through a strong partnership with A.T., his family and the referring attorney, Mr. Barnes was able to obtain A.T. a recovery of $3.9M that would provide for his lifelong care without jeopardizing his social security disability or Meicaid benefits.

Through continued therapy, A.T. has made a remarkable recovery. Though he will never realize his dream of entering the Marine Corps, A.T. has progressed further than any of his doctors anticipated with superior medical care and therapy his family was now able to afford.