New company makes progress on self-driving truck kits

Florida residents may have heard that a California-based company named Otto is designing a system that will allow existing semi-trucks to become fully self-driving. The individuals involved in the startup include veterans who have worked with other companies involved in designing self-driving cars, such as Google, Apple and Tesla.

In a period of four months, the […]

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Truck driver fatalities down, but injuries up

Truck drivers in Florida and around the country may have had lower involvement in fatal crashes in 2014 than in 2013, but more injuries compared to the previous year were reported based on statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The number of trucks that were in fatal crashes dropped by 5 percent between […]

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Should Florida follow the FMCSA’s lead on distracted driving? – II

Last week, our blog began discussing how a comprehensive review of Florida’s distracted driving laws is long overdue given the staggering number of serious and even fatal crashes caused by inattentive drivers. Indeed, there is currently no ban on handheld phone use by motorists and texting while driving is classified as a mere secondary offense.

Specifically, […]

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When is a Florida employer liable for negligent security?

Although an employer in Florida may not be directly responsible for criminal acts committed on their property or by one of their employees, under certain conditions, an injured party may have the right to sue on the grounds of negligent security.

This blog post will discuss some notable cases involving negligent security claims in Florida.

Case studies […]

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An overview of U.S. maritime law

Accidents can happen anywhere, including on the high seas. Whether an incident affects persons or cargo, admiralty law helps determine who is responsible.

Admiralty law, also known as maritime law, governs navigation and shipping, and may cover incidents involving cruise ships, commerce, and even ship hijacking and piracy. Just because a vessel is involved, however, that […]

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Volkswagen buy back not as advertised … again

Volkswagen is up to it again. The company is trying to get a deal approved where it would buy back vehicles at current Kelly Blue Book Value — which reflects the reduced value of the vehicle in its current condition. Additionally, although this is being kept secret, it is being widely reported that they are […]

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Should Florida follow the FMCSA’s lead on distracted driving? – I

After examining the strength of each state’s distracted driving laws, it could easily be argued that Florida has some more work to do. Indeed, the Sunshine State currently has no handheld ban in place, while texting while driving is only classified as only a secondary offense.

It could perhaps be argued then that state lawmakers could […]

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