Guardrails: The Key to Preventing Deadly Skylight Falls

Previously, I discussed the danger of skylights and inherent risk of fatal falls that comes with working near them. Workers from several fields have regular access to roofs with skylights, including roofers, electricians, and plumbers. The American Architectural Manufacturers Association estimates there are more than 120,000 roofers alone who are at risk of falling through a [...]

Skylight Fall Prevention Safety Standards and Regulations

Since the early 1980’s, there have been over 900 reported fall-through accidents and fatalities involving skylights in the United States. In response to this rising number, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) established fall protection guidelines that aim to prevent workers in high-risk industries from suffering similar fates. According to OSHA standards, every skylight with [...]

Skylights: What Are They, and What Makes Them So Dangerous?

Skylights are light-transmitting structures placed on roofs that allow sunlight to enter commercial and residential buildings. They make buildings more energy efficient by letting in substantially more sunlight than vertical windows can alone. Skylights are widely used throughout the United States: according to the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, there are approximately 275,000 commercial unit skylights sold every [...]

A homeowner’s duty toward trespassers

Florida homeowners are generally not responsible for injuries to a trespasser on their property. However, they may be liable if there are aware of or should have known that trespassers frequently enter their property. In such a scenario, the danger would have to have been caused by the homeowner and likely to cause death or [...]

Safety experts worried about aging ski lifts

Florida residents who enjoy winter sports are likely familiar with ski lifts. Accidents involving these ski resort conveyances are quite rare, but they are often deadly when they do occur. Four skiers were killed when a ski lift in Colorado malfunctioned in 1976, and a similar accident in California in 1978 also claimed four lives. [...]

Warning: Stored lithium ion batteries may ignite, speed up fires

After several instances of unexpected fires during the transit or use of lithium ion batteries, insurance companies became concerned about what risk they may pose. "When new property hazards emerge, businesses turn to us for answers," a spokesperson for commercial property insurer FM Global, which just performed a detailed hazard assessment of lithium ion batteries [...]

Open-carry laws and premises liability

While a growing number of states have passed open-carry laws, Florida's legislature has resisted similar efforts. Openly carrying firearms is allowed only when people are going to and from hunting, fishing or camping under Florida law. If Florida ever does pass open-carry legislation, businesses and commercial landlords will need to wrestle with some of the [...]

2 crucial factors in premises liability cases

Businesses in Florida have a legal obligation to keep their properties safe from hazards that could injure customers, delivery people or other visitors. When a hazard like a slippery floor or falling boxes hurts a person, the victim might receive damages if the business owner knew about the hazard and took no action to improve [...]

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