During the summer months, many Florida residents enjoy entertaining in their backyard swimming pools. Owners have the responsibility to do what it takes to make their pools reasonably safe for others who visit them.

People who own pools should do several things to help protect their neighbors and gursts. They should make certain that they have a fence that is at least 4 feet tall surrounding the pool’s perimeter with a locking gate. The gates should be self-latching and self-closing ones. People who have above-ground pools should make certain to remove the exterior ladders when the pools are not in use.

It is very important for pool owners to learn CPR. They should also make certain that the drain covers in their pools are in place and are working properly. There should be flotation devices available and near to the pool, and children who are swimming need to be constantly supervised by adults. Making certain to use the proper chemicals to treat the water is very important to prevent the buildup of disease-causing bacteria.

If a visitor is injured in a person’s private pool, the owner may be held to be financially responsible in a premises liability lawsuit filed with the assistance of a personal injury attorney. These types of civil lawsuits are grounded on negligence, with property owners deemed to have a duty of care to keep their invited guests free from hazards. Because pools are potentially dangerous to both children and adults, owners should take the time to make their pools safe and then to provide supervision while their guests are swimming.