Florida residents may be aware of the dangers associated with a traumatic brain injury. More than 2.5 million Americans face TBIs every year. Research into this issue has recently yielded results, and now a new form of medication delivery may lead to more positive outcomes for TBI sufferers across the U.S.

One of the problems with treating a brain injury is the cascading nature of the symptoms. The initial injury to the brain sets off a host of other issues, such as inflammation and free radicals in the brain. Each of these secondary conditions causes its own harm. Research has been done into treating these affected areas of the brain with medication; however, there are difficulties in getting the medicine to those areas without causing even more damage.

There is no easy way to inject a drug into the brain, and this invasive form of treatment can be both disruptive and damaging. Researchers have found a combination of biological chemicals that, when carried through the bloodstream, will identify and seek out brain tissue. This chemical combination, known as a peptide sequence, can bind to the proteins known as chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans that tend to gather in an injured part of a brain. This means that doctors can deliver medications directly to this affected area.

An attorney may be helpful to anyone who has suffered a TBI in an accident or other incident that was not their fault. The attorney might be able to help the victim file a civil suit against the person or people who bear liability for the injury. Damages could cover medical treatment and other harms that were done to the victim’s economic life.