Americans mourned when they learned Jose Fernandez, the Miami Marlins pitcher, died in a September boating accident. Fernandez’s boat traveled at high speeds when it hit rocks as it came into a channel near a Miami port. He died as a result of the impact from the collision.

As a resident of Tampa, you are probably very aware that boating is a very common activity in the area and accidents can and do occur. While some accidents can be minor, others can be serious or life-threatening–perhaps you know someone or care for a loved one who suffers from a traumatic brain injury as a result of such an accident.

Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Caring for someone who has a traumatic brain injury can be challenging because your loved one can suffer long term issues. An injury of this magnitude can affect the following:

  • Thinking
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Coordination and balance
  • Speech, hearing or vision
  • Emotions

The effects of a traumatic brain injury reach every part of their daily lives and can cause problematic consequences in relationships with their family, friends and coworkers. Your loved one may no longer be able to work, help around the house, drive or even complete routine daily care for themselves.

Difficulties also arise for you, as their caretaker, or your loved one when their injury is not visible. You may have a hard time explaining your loved one’s condition because they look the same even though their personality or behaviors may have changed.

Take care of yourself and your loved one

If your loved one suffered a traumatic brain injury after a boating accident, you may also need to make major decisions on their behalf. However they may be affected, making sure they receive the care and treatment they need is important.

If the cause of the accident was due to the negligence of another, you may have options to consider. Consult an attorney experienced with server personal injuries and is familiar with boating accidents to determine if you can recover damages and expenses for medical care.