Florida drivers may benefit from learning about the results of the 2016 Operation Safe Driver Week that took place in October. According to a release by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, almost 75 percent of the citations issued by law enforcement during the event were for speeding and other state and local moving violations.

A total of 20,648 commercial motor vehicle and passenger vehicle motorists were pulled over in North America. Warnings and citations issued in the United States totaled 19,657 while 991 were issued Canada.

The purpose of Operation Safe Driver is to reduce the occurrence of injuries and fatalities that are caused by the unsafe driving behaviors of commercial and private passenger vehicle drivers. Almost 3,000 law enforcement officials in the United States and Canada submitted data for the event.

The CVSA stated that speeding violations made up almost 20 percent of the warnings and citations that were issued. More than half of the warnings and citations issued to commercial motor vehicle drivers were for local and state moving violations. The most frequently issued warning or citation issued to passenger vehicle drivers was speeding, which accounted for over 39 percent of all warnings and citations. The agency’s release also reported that seat belt violations accounted for 7.1 percent of the commercial motor vehicle contacts and 11 percent of passenger vehicle contacts.

Truck accidents can occur because of the negligent driving behaviors of commercial motor vehicle drivers. Individuals who get injured in such accidents may have legal recourse to sue the liable parties. A personal injury attorney may engage in litigation to hold the liable parties financially responsible. Legal suits may be filed on behalf of injured individuals or the surviving family of individuals killed as a result of a crash.