Florida motorists may be interested in news related to the trucking industry. It seems that self-driving trucks may be on the horizon, and this could mean big changes for both the industry and the law. There are also many questions and concerns that need to be addressed before the technology sees widespread implementation. The possibility of accidents or injuries are foremost in the minds technologists, drivers and regulators.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute, truck drivers probably don’t have to worry about their jobs any time soon. Even high-level autonomous trucks will still require human operators to be present to monitor the vehicle and take control if needed. The ATRI says the technology will likely benefit drivers in many ways and make the job of long-haul trucking far more inviting. The technology is likely to alleviate many of the problems with tracking hours and taking rest breaks by allowing drivers to rest while remaining productive. It may also allow them to focus on more logistics tasks and make driving in traffic less tiring. This amounts to more productivity and more time at home with families instead of on the road.

Safety remains a key concern of the technology. Even its strongest proponents admit that there is a great deal more infrastructure that needs to be created to support autonomous trucking. Further experimentation needs to be done, and current trials are in the early stages.

As with any new technology, there are sure to be some bumps along the way. While self-driving trucks are expected to actually increase safety and decrease the possibility of accidents, mistakes could still happen while the technology is being perfected. Truck accidents involving automated technology are still an emerging area of law. It is likely that legal advice is going to be needed when occupants of other vehicles are injured in such a collision.