Truckers in Tampa, Florida, can expect to be informed about the success that Republican congressmen gained in their efforts to stop the enforcement of a regulation that would prevent truckers from driving when they are sleepy. This safety regulation was promulgated by the Obama administration but shut down after intense lobbying from the American Trucking Association.

The legislative struggle has some safety advocates on edge because of other safety regulations that are vulnerable to the incoming administration’s agenda. If companies that want to increase cargo weight and the length of trailers have their way, more safety issues may arise.

The regulation enforcing additional rest time for truckers up to 75 hours was also defeated. despite the established and proposed regulations, truckers must contend with limited resting locations. Although this issue remains under consideration by Congress amid other automotive and tech industry issues such as self-driving cars, a debate about safety guidelines continues.

Highway safety can be compromised when regulations don’t ensure that all aspects of a trucker’s job is safe. Unfortunately, truckers’ lives can be jeopardized when they are forced to drive when they have not gotten enough rest. Innocent occupants of other vehicles can also lose their lives or acquire injuries because of reduced safety regulations. When truck accidents occur, a personal injury lawyer representing an injured victim can review the official accident investigation report and other evidence. If it can be established that truck driver fatigue was the cause of the crash, a lawsuit could be filed on behalf of the client.